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alan andersen

Craftsman. Perfectionist.  History Geek.

Alan Andersen

Alan began his career in furniture making at the tender age of 10. Grade school woodshop and fixing a few broken pieces at home sparked an interest that led to a local classified ad for a Victorian Oak Roll Top Desk. After convincing his father to pay the $20, he spent a long, sometimes frustrating six months restoring an old, moldy, but beautiful piece of furniture. He was hooked. (And he still owns the desk.)

Completing a Bachelor of Science and Forestry Degree at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, Alan took his first restoration job at Vorpahl Furniture in Wisconsin, and after ten years of working for others, started his own design, restoration & reproduction company in 1990.  He joined forces with Tom Stauffer in 2001 to debut Andersen & Stauffer Furniture Makers LLC (Custom Period Furniture Reproductions).

Over the years, Alan has garnered so many awards and earned so many privileged contracts that he has become, well, extremely popular.  Not only do homeowners clamor for his services, but antique dealers, auction houses and museums all seek his expertise.  Sotheby’s, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Winterthur, and Chester County Historical Society are just a few prestigious institutions that have Alan on speed dial.  But don’t let this dissuade you from contacting Alan about a project.  He is fascinated by all kinds of challenges, large and small.

Alan lives in an 19th century colonial home on the Conostoga river in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, with his wife Susan, their dog, Scrappy, and some really, really nice furniture.

Alan Andersen