Andersen & Stauffer


As beautiful as the original.
But even more enduring.

From our clients

I am proud to have many of their pieces in my collection and expect to purchase many more.

All of our reproduced furniture, whether it's an imposing Philadelphia highboy, or a single drawer New England stand, is built to the highest standards: those that history commands, and those that a client requests. We start with construction of each piece with exactly the materials and techniques as used to build it originally. We work by hand, as our ancestors did, and don’t stop until every detail matches the original. Sometimes, however, clients ask for adjustments to the dimensions, surfaces or natural finishes to increase durability and usefulness. (Our ancestors, after all, didn’t have flat screen televisions.) We are happy to make these nods to modern life – especially when it adds to the life, beauty and enjoyment of the furniture.